12 Signs You Need To Review Your Estate Plan

Do you already have an estate plan? If so, congratulations! You’ve successfully taken steps to protect your family. However, an estate plan isn’t something that should simply collect dust on a shelf. Your estate plan will need updating to keep up with changes in your life and your goals. While a good rule of thumb is to review your estate plan at least every 5 years, below are 12 signs that your estate plan needs to be reviewed now.

  1. There’s been a change in your marital status.
  2. Your family has grown to include more children.
  3. You want to disinherit a beneficiary.
  4. You want to make changes to what assets each beneficiary will receive.
  5. There’s been a significant change in your assets or asset values, or you have new assets you’d like to leave to specific individuals.
  6. There has been a death of someone named in your estate plan.
  7. A beneficiary has had a name change or a change in their marital status.
  8. A beneficiary named in your estate plan is having issues that are concerning to you such as anover-controlling spouse, IRS problems, or creditor problems.
  9. You have a family member who became disabled with special needs.
  10. You wish to change who has power of attorney over your finances and/or health care.
  11. You have moved to Louisiana from another state since your estate plan was created.
  12. You or your spouse is facing a need for nursing home care.

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