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Domestic violence is not limited to altercations between a husband and wife. Domestic violence may occur between anyone with an intimate relationship, including parents, children, former spouses, stepparents, stepchildren, foster parents, and foster children.

Domestic abuse battery is the intentional use of force against another household member or family member. When a police officer arrives on the scene of a reported domestic violence incident, an individual may be falsely accused and arrested with little evidence. To make an arrest, the police officer at the scene simply needs probable cause that a crime has occurred.

Additionally, if you are arrested for domestic violence, there is no bail set until a “Gwen’s Law” hearing takes place. At this hearing, a judge will determine how much of a threat an individual may be before granting bail.

If you are convicted of domestic abuse battery, then you may be facing up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine. However, if this is not your first conviction for domestic violence, then you may be facing stiffer penalties. If the offense involves strangulation, then you may be sentenced up to three years in prison.

When accused of domestic violence, you may also be facing a protective order. Before the protective order hearing, a temporary restraining order may be put in place by a judge. These protective orders prevent you from having any contact with the victim either directly or through any indirect means.

A temporary restraining order and a protective order may have far-reaching effects on your life. You may be facing provisions impacting your assets, child custody, and your ability to go anywhere you’d like in the community. A violation of a granted protective order may result in being held in contempt of court or facing the criminal charge of violating a protective order.

If you have been arrested for a domestic violence offense you need an attorney experienced in domestic violence in your corner immediately.

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